Blue Food - Centre for future seafood

Blue Food - Centre for future seafood is an initiative to harness the enormous potential that lies in producing healthy seafood in Swedish waters and to make Sweden a leading producer of sustainable seafood.

Using innovative circular solutions, increased knowledge and a strengthened market we want to create a long-term sustainable production of Swedish seafood. The centre builds on national collaborations and unites universities, research institutes, enterprises, regions and other organizations in the seafood industry.

We aim to

Through research and dispersion of knowledge, we want to improve the conditions for seafood production and increase the understanding of seafood. The research focuses on increased food production based on wild-caught fish and sustainable farming of algae, fish and other edible animals in circular systems. We will develop smart process methods where complex raw materials are transformed into new food ingredients and products.

The research will also concentrate on consumer attitudes and the health effects of seafood as well as the environmental impact of seafood production including animal health and welfare in the production systems. Blue Food also focuses on administrative obstacles and the planning of water and coastal zones.

We want to

  • Increase food production from wild-caught fish and side streams.
  • Expand sustainable aquaculture.
  • stimulate a protein shift with a focus on blue and green protein sources.
  • Change consumer behaviour and increase the demand for new, sustainable and nutritious seafood products.
  • Increase the supply and diversification of nutritious seafood produced in Sweden.
  • Improve society’s resilience and self-sufficiency through the production of blue food.

We are

Blue Food is the largest investment so far in Swedish seafood, with a grant of 48 million kronor from the research council Formas.

The centre gathers universities, research institutes, regions, local authorities, organizations and a large number of enterprises.

Blue Food has stakeholders from the entire seafood value chain, from the primary production by way of sustainable aquaculture systems and underutilized wild fish species, over the process and product development and production of nutritious, Swedish seafood, to supermarket chains.

The Blue Food Consortium