Blue Food's young researchers

Central to Blue Food are the research projects carried out by Blue Food's young researchers - PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. They will lead to new knowledge and new seafood experts.

Other research projects

Blue Food funds satellite projects that address important issues for the industry, here you will also find other research projects within or related to Blue Food.

Research areas

Blue Food has defined six research areas that can help promote Swedish seafood production and consumption. You can read more about them here.

1: Primary production

3: Circular systems

4: Consumer attitudes and sensors

5: Sustainability analysis

6: Health and welfare

Cross-cutting research areas

In addition to the six research areas, there are four cross-cutting research areas that are relevant to all research areas.

1: AI and digitalization

2: Food safety

3: Laws and regulations

4: Risk analysis

Articles & reports

Read more about Blue Food research in scientific publications and reports.